Corporate Audio Video Production

Producing videos used to be an expensive affair not so long ago. Hence, video ads or promos were usually the prerogative of large companies then. Not anymore.With the advent of multimedia animation and the significant drop in the cost of producing video films, everyone from individuals and small companies to medium and large companies can now produce corporate videos to promote their products, services, companies and so on,Corporate videos today refer to all kinds of communication materials produced by a company or organisation or even an individual in audio visual format which is designed to address a specific target audience. This target audience can range from customers and dealers to employees, trainees and agents.Companies undertake on corporate video production for a number of purposes, such as promotion of products or services, awareness campaigns, sales and marketing videos, TV infomercials, recruitment, induction and training videos, web videos and so on.The attractive audio-video presentations help to increase both attention, recall and retention capacity as compared to only audio, text, and even PowerPoint presentation.Major benefits of audio video solutionsThe moving images in a video clip are the most powerful and convincing way to convey any of your messages. It is believed that people have the tendency to remember more of what they see than hear. This is why it is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and “actions speak louder than words”. It can help the viewers to visualise the working of things in a better way.Inspire human emotionsAudio video solutions help in grabbing the attention of the users in relation to the subject highlighted in the video, thus motivating them and engaging them with the subject. Moving images have a powerful impact amongst the viewers as they have the ability to portray and inspire hidden emotions.AccessibilityWith audio video solutions one can show such information and detail that are difficult to explain by using plain text or static images. Moreover most of the people will prefer watch a five minute video than reading a length brochure or other material as for the viewers it becomes easy to digest and retain whatever is shown in the video clip. In fact people companies prefer this method of presenting critical information as they can even demonstrate real life examples to add relevance to the subject.Best value for advertisingWith the advent of digital technology, there has been a drastic change in the ways messages can be delivered. Companies are now increasingly using their websites as an interactive advertising medium. Many good companies prefer to put up a video on the website to attractively present the company’s products or services. An engaging 3 minute video on the website which starts playing automatically when the site downloads goes a long way in building the identity of the company in the customer’s mind within the space of a couple of minutes.To summarise, use corporate audio video solutions to convey your message to your targeted audience in the minimum time with tremendous impact. Web videos especially are the ‘in’ thing. You can approach any good audio video production companies to develop an attractive corporate video for your company which you can then use to present your company at exhibitions, conferences, trade fairs and company gatherings. Turn it into a web-friendly video format and you have an excellent presentation right there on your web site – the best place to advertise without extra cost!

Audio Video Marketing

Audio Video Marketing is being used a lot nowadays. And one
of the reasons for this is that internet marketers are finding it difficult to
reach people through traditional routes such as text emails and sales letters.People are becoming more and more Internet savvy and turn to
the Internet to find a solution or gain more information about something they
are interested in. This is an opportunity for us Internet marketers and audio
video marketing gives us the tools for taking advantage of this opportunity.In Audio Video Marketing we can capture the attention of
people by providing the information that these people are looking for. Suppose
a person wants to learn how to create headers in Photoshop, we can take
advantage of this and can offer them free video tutorials on this subject and
convince them to provide us their details like email id and name. Even Video
and audio testimonials can be used here to show how they were helped by our
free Photoshop video tutorials.Another way to use audio video marketing is to upload our
videos to popular video sites like YouTube and Google Videos. These sites have
a large following of their own and can help us to gain a large number of
visitors in a very short time.Some experts also advise us to use videos on our first page
as this helps us to create a good first impression. But take care to provide an
option for your site visitors to skip the video otherwise you would be losing
visitors who don’t want to view the videos at that moment.If you are not sure if audio video marketing is a good idea,
then I would like to tell you that some big name marketers have used audio
video marketing for their product launches with huge success. If you don’t
remember them, then I would like to refresh your memory by mentioning a few of
them:- John Reese had used it for launching his Traffic Secrets course, Mike
Filsaime used it in launching his Butterfly Marketing Campaign and Michael
Cheney used it for launching his AdSense Videos.Audio Video Marketing has also been used by a lot of
affiliate marketers who use videos to give prospects a sneak preview of the
contents of the course and thus help them to make a buying decision.These are the advantages of audio video marketing which
makes it the number one choice of internet marketers. If you are still not
using it, then I urge you to get this free dvd that covers audio video marketing and use it gain more responsive customers and prospects. Good luck!