Home Based Business Opportunities – Why Are Only Leaders Making Money?

In the home based business industry only the leaders make the big money. It has always been this way and it will always be this way. The leaders make the money because they have learned the skills necessary to become successful in this line of work. Anything great and worth while in life doesn’t come easy. However, with that said, everyone who really wants to become successful and pays the price, is capable of transforming into a successful leader.The following list explains why the leaders make the money:1. They are alphas. In this industry, only 3 percent or less make 97 percent of the money. The other 97 percent of the people in this industry are betas or alphas in the process. You can become an alpha if you are not already one. In this industry, betas are attracted to alphas purely out of selfish reasons. They hope that some of the success and charm that the alpha possesses will rub off on them by networking and association. The great news is that leaders are not born. They are developed.2. Home Business Leaders are Entrepreneurs. They have learned how to get paid for their efforts. Most people that pursue this industry are employees who wish to leave their jobs and strike it rich online. The problem is that most people are used to getting paid for their time by a steady and secure pay check every week. It is a huge jump for someone to learn how to wait in the ‘unknown’ for God knows how long before they become successful. If you really want success, you will have to transition into an entrepreneur.3. Leaders are not phone shy:
A leader will not hesitate to get on the phone with a potential lead or prospect. The beta will do anything to avoid this type of pain. The alpha actually enjoys speaking on the phone and connecting with people. They kind of get high off of doing this. If you really want to become successful, you will have to start loving the phone if you do not love it yet. There is no system in existence that will have money being deposited into your bank accounts without a personal connection being made between you and your potential new partner.4. Vision:
You must have some kind of clear vision and make this bigger than just you. Think about helping your family and other loved ones as well as helping other people who come into your business with success. Leaders have the ability to assist others to get what they want. If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want. Make your vision a great one starting today. Think big.5. State of Abundance:
Leaders have learned that success is not a destination. If you stick to your course, you will get there. However, the only way that you will get there is by learning how to be in a constant state of mind. Success is being in a constant state of abundance. In this state you will learn to ‘trust’ and know that there is enough of everything to go around. You will know that what you really want will come if you trust.”Blind Faith defies the laws of physics”